Charlottesville neo-nazis and other white supremacists were on no-fly lists

A leaked 2019 partial no-fly list and subset of the Terrorist Screening Database reveals that Charlottesville neo-Nazis and white supremacists, among others, were placed on government anti-terror watchlists.

As reported, the Swiss hacktivist maia arson crimew discovered a 2019-era copy of subsets of the US Government’s Terrorist Screening Database, often coloquially referred to as the “No-fly List.” These lists contain thousands of names, mostly of foreign nationals. However, I was able confirm that these lists also contain the names of American citizens involved in neo-Nazi and white supremacist activity, particularly those who participated in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017. People on the SELECTEE list are often subjected to extended screening and questioning by TSA, although they are not necessarily strictly forbidden from flying.

The list contains some redacted information, but in some cases also contains birthdate information. This is useful in verifying that the names refer to specific white supremacist and neo-Nazi actors who were active in the United States on or before 2019. I’m publishing the noteworthy names, as I believe that the presence of American citizens on no-fly lists is undoubtedly also newsworthy, as is the use of the anti-terror apparatus to control white supremacist violence in America.

Some of these names include:

  • James Alex Fields, Jr, the Charlottesville terrorist, in the SELECTEE list;
  • Elliot Robert Kline, including his neo-Nazi alias, “Eli Mosley”, in the SELECTEE list;
  • Self-professed “antifa hunter” Daniel McMahon, including his neo-Nazi alias, “Jack Corbin”, in the SELECTEE list;
  • Greg Conte, including his neo-Nazi alias, “Greg Ritter”, in the SELECTEE list;
  • Cesar Sayoc, in the NOFLY list;
  • Nathan Damigo, in the SELECTEE list.

Notably, this 2019 list leaves out some notable names in the white supremacist movement. Matthew Heimbach is not on it, nor are Jason Kessler, Richard Spencer, or Christopher Cantwell. However, as the list is only a subset of the full database, and was a snapshot from some time in 2019, this does not mean these individuals are not on the list, either then or now. These these names also do not represent the entirety of Charlottesville-involved white supremacists in the list. Further stories are developing.

Update: Added clarification about the SELECTEE list

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