2019 FOIPA Section 6

FBI Form FD-71A is the FBI’s standard complaint form. This form was generated as a result of the FBI’s investigation into the tip called in against me, which was subsequently closed.

This form indicates that the FBI looked into quite a few things about me regarding this tip. They pulled my driving record, my wage history, my criminal record, and even my Twitter account. Some of those records haven’t been released, e.g. my Twitter. The lack of release under (b)(6), b(7)(C) and (b)(7)(E) seems to indicate that they don’t want to disclose some investigative methodologies.

One interesting note I saw while redacting these files: the Social Security number used at the end of the report was incorrect. They had transposed two digits. So in their investigations, they didn’t even pull the correct information for me.

Other points of interest: my driving record is clean—I have the Virginia maximum of five points. The Temporary Protective Order I was granted in the Chris Cantwell case shows up in the search. And of course, I have no criminal record that appears. My driving history seems to disclose my former name.

Pink boxes are personal data pertaining to myself which I redacted.

  • Original Post
  • Section 1 — FBI 302 from Chris Cantwell’s pepper spray attack
  • Section 2 — Fully redacted file
  • Section 3 — Fully redacted file
  • Section 4 — FBI 302 pertaining to a false anonymous tip
  • Section 5 — FBI brief pertaining to the false anonymous tip
  • Section 7 — FBI brief pertaining to Atomwaffen’s threat against me in Germany
  • Section 8 — FBI brief regarding a threatening letter sent to me

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