2019 FOIPA Section 4

Hours before the torch rally, the FBI called me to investigate an anonymous tip that was submitted where someone claimed I was planning an “ANTIFA terror attack.” I was not.

The day before Unite the Right, the FBI called me about a tip they received where someone was accusing me of plotting a terror attack. Obviously, I was not. I spoke to them briefly, and they questioned me about my plans for the rally. I truthfully told them that I had been working to ensure non-violent participation, that I had reached out to people on all sides to encourage non-violence, and to plan for a safe day. My subsequent actions prove that I was telling the truth.

Note that the FBI invested this much time in investigating a clearly nonsensical allegation. This call was at 4:50 PM, and the two agents on the call could have been using their time investigating the neo-Nazis who were planning violence that night and the next day. Incredibly, they missed or ignored the fact that the man who did commit the terror attack posted his intentions to commit vehicular terror on Instagram well in advance.

I made a mistake here by not having an attorney present for the call. Never talk to cops without a lawyer.

Pink boxes are personal data pertaining to myself that I redacted.

  • Original Post
  • Section 1 — FBI 302 from Chris Cantwell’s pepper spray attack
  • Section 2 — Fully redacted file
  • Section 3 — Fully redacted file
  • Section 5 — FBI brief pertaining to the false anonymous tip
  • Section 6 — FBI FD-71A complaint for for the investigation regarding the tip
  • Section 7 — FBI brief pertaining to Atomwaffen’s threat against me in Germany
  • Section 8 — FBI brief regarding a threatening letter sent to me

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