2019 FOIPA Section 3

This totally-redacted file suggests that there may still be an ongoing investigation at the time of processing pertaining to me.

This could, by way of example, be related to Chris Cantwell’s continuing threats, RAM’s riot charges, or other investigations. It may also be related to Chris Cantwell’s numerous attempts to convince the FBI that I am some sort of terrorist. (I am not.)

  • Original Post
  • Section 1 — FBI 302 from Chris Cantwell’s pepper spray attack
  • Section 2 — Fully redacted file
  • Section 4 — FBI 302 pertaining to a false anonymous tip
  • Section 5 — FBI brief pertaining to the false anonymous tip
  • Section 6 — FBI FD-71A complaint for for the investigation regarding the tip
  • Section 7 — FBI brief pertaining to Atomwaffen’s threat against me in Germany
  • Section 8 — FBI brief regarding a threatening letter sent to me

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