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This site does not use cookies. I cannot promise that I will never use cookies, but I do not have any functionality that requires the use of cookies as of the time of this post. As a result, you will not see an annoying pop-up when you visit this site asking for your cookie consent. I see this as an immense positive, as those modals do very little outside of annoying the user.


This site does not use any tracking. There are no analytics, no cursor tracking, no tracking pixels.


I do log CDN records for technical and diagnostics purposes. I retain aggregated logs for 60 days. Access logs, which do include user-agent and IP address data, are retained for 14 days. Logs are automatically deleted. There is no ability to recover the logs past their retention period. Logs will not be voluntarily shared with any party for any reason. As of the original publication of this post, I am aware of no attempt by any state actor to obtain access logs to this website.


This website is domiciled in Germany.

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