Contact Information

Before contacting me, please read the following short statement.


I am happy to accept requests to speak at conferences in 2022. Please email me. I am speaking about Data Mesh, Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning, Data Ethics, and various data science topics. I am also happy to speak about career progression for data professionals. If you would like code or slides from any of my talks, please email me, I am happy to oblige.

Media Requests

I am happy to provide background information regarding the following topics:

  • white supremacy in America;
  • the events of Charlottesville in 2017;
  • Sines v. Kessler;
  • tracking hate in America;
  • topics about data and technology ethics.

I will not go on the record without a preliminary discussion. For comment, please email me. I will not respond to requests for on-the-record comment with a submission deadline of less than 24 hours unless we already know each other.

Twitter DMs

I make a good faith effort to respond to all Twitter DMs, but it is overwhelming and I cannot keep up with all of them. If you need something of me, please email me at the above address. Please note that this address is not secure and sensitive information should not be shared there.

Seeking/Sharing Information Regarding Suspected Extremists

I am retired from that activism and do not want that information. Any other information I have I have already made available. I cannot tell you what to do with information about someone’s sketchy social media ties or posts. Please seek out your local activist community.

Other Commentary

I am always open to receive thanks or criticism offered in good faith. I am not open to receiving threats or rude emails. I cannot promise I will respond, but I will try.

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