I am a Technologist, Activist, and Writer based in Berlin, Germany and Charlottesville, Virginia. My background is in computational mathematics and research engineering. I also study far-right extremism and write often about the topic.
I am passionate about good technological citizenship and believe strongly in building an equitable internet that fosters collaboration, community, and autonomy. In this space you will find posts about math and technology, writings on politics, and whatever else I find reflects my view of the world. Thank you for stopping by.

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Weekly Recap: 22 May 2022

I’m going to try to bring back writing weekly recaps, to help with writing and, if I’m being honest, replacing what I would normally use Twitter for! ...

Book Report: The Midlander by Booth Tarkington

The third book in Tarkington’s Growth trilogy, The Midlander rounds out the story of the fictional version of Indianapolis as it came of age in the early 20th century. Although only the second book in the trilogy made the Top 100, I found this entry to be the best of the series. ...

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— projects —

Advancing Data Justice

I am an advisory board member of the Advancing Data Justice project, a collaboration between the Alan Turing Institute, the Global Partnership on AI (GPAI), and individuals and communities across the globe.

Youth Equity and Sexuality Lab

I advise the Youth Equity and Sexuality Lab at Suffolk University, a research lab focused on promoting positive adolescent and young adult sexuality development; preventing sexual violence; and fighting fascism, cis-hetero-patriarchy, and white supremacy.


A study of the daily lives of violent far-right actors using court records to peer inside their living spaces.


A people’s history of the removal of statues honoring racists, slave owners, and colonizers, largely during the Uprising in the Summer of 2020 following the murder of George Floyd.

I am an advisory board member of The Prosecution Project, a data-driven project studying the patterns of prosecution of extremism, terrorism, and political violence.

The opinions shared on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of any organization listed above.

— key technologies —


Comfortable with many architectures and frameworks.


Can build advanced automated workflows for multiple contexts.



Capable of building complex and efficient analytical queries.


Can operate locally and in cloud environments. Familiar with JupyterHub and advanced operations and workflows.



Can optimize and operate for complex workloads.


Can efficiently build images.

AWS Redshift

Apache Airflow

Can build complex dags and optimize workflows, familiar with metadata model.


I can set up most services with IaC and understand the basic concepts to a practical degree.

AZ-900 Certificate 2021


Familiar with basic operations, data models, and Cypher syntax.
denotes recent progress. For a more complete overview, see my CV.

— languages —


American, Mother Tongue


Can engage in basic daily conversations.

B1 Zertifikat 2021 (Goethe Institut)



denotes recent progress. For a more complete overview, see my CV.