2018: Setting Intentions
2017 was a hard year. 2018 offers a new start. Here's my intentions for the new year and an effort to hold myself accountable to those actions.
What is Victory, What is Failure?
I have been driven lately to consider the moment we are living in and to consider what the goal of my activism is. Direct actions must have clear goals to be effective, but so too must movements and activists. And we must be honest about what achieving those goals means. How do we measure success? How do we measure failure?
No, The White Supremacists Aren't Looking For Attention
There is a pervasive belief that the white supremacist-led rallies taking place around the country are attention-seeking exploits. "Don't counter-protest, they crave your attention," the admonishments go. "If you ignore them they will go away.".
Quality in the Consumer IoT
This is a companion post for my talk of the same title given on April 22, 2016 at IoT Fuse in Minneapolis, MN.
It Needs to Be Seen
This post is for Trans Day of Visibility 2016.
Commodities, Culture, and Code
There is a general belief that social impact consideration, project/time management, documentation strategies, analysis of ethics, and so forth are non-technical skills. These so-called "soft" skills are not necessarily reviled, per se, but they are often viewed as second-class competencies in comparison to "hard" talents such as code production, hardware, analysis, and so forth.
Beyond the Buzz: The Internet of Things
This is a companion post to accompany the Charlottesville Women in Tech Beyond the Buzz: The Internet of Things panel on February 10, 2016.
A Remarkable Tiny Proof
There is a proof that I love, one that is very succinct and easy to understand to someone with only middle-school knowledge of mathematics. But it's remarkable in that inside of it lies a deep-seated idea, one that I find very difficult to wrap my head around sometimes.
On the Republican Bathroom Dread
By now, you have probably heard that the Republican National Committee has made restricting trans students' bathroom use a national party platform.
Social and Design Factors in Video Games for Therapy and Rehabilitation
This post accompanies my talk given at AlterConf DC on 30 January 2016.